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A translation workflow management system automates the workflow process to create a streamlined and efficient way to move and track your content through each step of the translation cycle. The benefits of an automated workflow are many, but some of the main reasons to leverage this technology are to give visibility throughout the entire process, lessen the number of human touch points to reduce the likelihood of delayed translation and providing ease of reference documents at times of need.

Managing documents is extremely time consuming. A typical employee spends most of his time looking for a document from a pile of hard copy documents, File Folder, from e-mails, document archives, shared hard disks and filing cabinets. Managers spend some time expecting for or waiting on documents that have been misfiled, mislabeled or just plain lost.  This doesn’t even begin to look at the time consuming processing of a document storage and retrieval.

AFRICAN COURT ON HUMAN AND PEOPLES' RIGHTS (AfCHPR) understands the need for having a modern workflow management system and has come up with this dynamic in-house developed Document and Workflow management system called (COURTDOC)

Court Doc believed to benefit the court with the following major advantages:

• To allow the staff of the Court to apply and upload documents for translation online

• To allow the staff to follow-up online on the status of the documents already submitted

• To provide the reference documents in an easily accessible manner

• To automate the Translation Work Flow Process

• It provides a very transparent working environment

• To provide statistical information on translation services provided by the Language Unit

 • The System will provide a systematic and modern document management system (Auto Archiving and Auto Referencing of Documents)

• There would be no version conflict on documents

 • Would Serve as a Central Document Storage and Retrieval point

• No Document Loss would be observed

• The System is accessible across the globe by

• The System is Accessible with in the office by http://CourtDoc.african-court.org/

 • The System would keep track of the movement of each document from creation till finalization.

• The system would cut down the paper usage